Pinnacle Development Group’s Center for Competitive Intelligence & Development (CCID) was created to provide solutions to the companies seeking to thrive in an ever changing business environment. Such forward-looking thinking empowers companies of all size and specialty to be more competitive and respected in their efforts to win future clients, projects and market share.

Why the CCID…Now?

The economic landscape for companies is rapidly changing. From demographics and a globalized economy to technological innovation, there is a sense that companies can’t simply be reactive in their business efforts; they need to be proactive in planning and developing strategies to improve and succeed.

By partnering with CCID, you can put the following services to use for your company:

Market Research…That strengthens your revenues by accurately identifying new customers, where they’re located, and what their needs are.

Industry Market Research…That sharpens your knowledge of the trends and developments impacting your business efforts.

Customer Satisfaction Research…That identifies what your customers want from you to be their preferred partner.

In short, the Pinnacle Development Group’s Center for Competitive Intelligence & Development is your personal marketing department, equipped to provide you with more advantages than you’ve ever experienced. Contact us today, and start pursuing your market dominance.