Professional Fees and Costs

Improve Employee Performance

Pinnacle Development Group can provide you with an exceptional return in employee improvement and overall performance growth for your costs. Anytime you need a tailored approach to bring a topic specific learning lesson to you or your workforce, engage the professionals of PDG to help realize the needed lesson learned.

Selecting the right tool or delivery method for your organization is important. It is critical that valuable time is spent on providing you with the exact method of delivery that will meet the needs of your organization. Therefore, call Pinnacle Development Group personally to discuss your firm’s development needs.cost for service

The professional fees and costs associated with engaging a PDG Professional is simple in structure. For more information about costs and expenses associated with PDG conducting a one or two day workshop, provide valuable Professional Coaching, or facilitate a Book/Chapter-n-Review, call Pinnacle Development Group personally to discuss the investment best suited for you.

Service Costs Structure

  • Daily Fee – For One/Two Day Workshops
  • Weekly Fee – For Multiple Workshops in Same Week Allowing Company Greater Flexibility in Scheduling Workers
  • Project Fee – Often Used for PDG Facilitating Complete Strategic Planning Process (Normally 7-10 Days); Multiple Days of Training Due to Large Number of Employees; Multiple Book/Chapter-n-Review Meetings; or, Estimated Days Scheduled for Professional Coaching
  • Retainer Fee – PDG Contracts for 12+ Days/Year with Customer; PDG Provides Volume of Days Discount and Total Fee is Spread Out Over Twelve Months (PDG Customers love this approach as it strengths budgeting and schedule commitment.)

For more information about PDG’s Educational Tools and to discuss the best-Cost method for your company, e-mail us at