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2 Minute Drill

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Today’s construction leaders are consistently on the go. From time in the office, to meeting with clients, and time spent in the field, the demands of the industry limit the time employees have to learn and grow professionally. That’s why we’ve created a new tool: The 2 Minute Drill. The 2 Minute Drill is based off the premise that everyone has 2 minutes!

Professional Consulting from Brad Humphrey and Pinnacle Development Group

The 2 Minute Drill video series brings the professional consulting services of Brad Humphrey and Pinnacle Development Group directly to you. The training and development series has topics for all levels of your organization, from business owners to front-line employees. We cover everything from running your business to more efficiently motivating your employees.

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We’ve developed a series of courses to help you navigate the 2 Minute Drill offerings. More information can be found on our website. Courses include:

Company Categories and Cost for the 2 Minute Drill

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Let us work with you and your company to create custom video series to benefit your employees. We provide a series of easy 2 minute training and development videos that your employees can watch at their leisure – either on the computer in the office or on their mobile devices on the road and in the field.

We want to empower you to provide an additional outlet to reach your employees. With more being expected of this industry in terms of time and delivery, construction employees need as many options as possible for their professional development.

The 2 Minute Drill can do just that – developing your employees and instilling the company’s values, all in in a simple format for anyone in your company. For contact and cost information, please download our sales sheet.