Leadership Development

Leaders are the heart and soul of any organization. Leadership is the process of inspiring followers to excel and advance. Pinnacle Development Group works both sides of this very critical need and assists in leadership development efforts. 

PDG works personally with leaders by providing personal coaching. This one-on-one approach allows your leaders to have an “unbiased” and seasoned confidant who will listen objectively and instruct unapologetically. Based around Brad Humphrey’s coaching book, Professional Image: The Making of a Leader, our coaches address fourteen areas of a leader’s image that will make them into the confident, clear, and conscientious leader that your organization needs.

While PDG has successfully coached hundreds of leaders over the past ten years, what makes this effort so advantageous to organizations is that your company can engage your own senior leaders to coach their staff, using the same Professional Image book. PDG can train your more senior leaders on how to use theProfessional Image book to coach, thus creating your own coaches with a tool that is proven and tested!

The Process of Leadership Development

The “process” of leadership is multi-fold. While coaching is critical to most companies today, PDG can assist your firm in developing and supporting you with mentoring training and a full curriculum of leadership workshops. See Training Workshops for more information.

Have a newly hired or promoted leader in need of getting off to a fast start? Then you’ll want to incorporate PDG’s The First 90-Days of Leader’s Life. This is available as either a workshop, coaching effort, or by one of our Unique Learning Deliveries.

Industry is crying for leaders. Let Pinnacle Development Group be your first choice for personalized leadership development through one of our many solid and creative methods of delivery.

For more information about how PDG can assist you in Leadership Development, e-mail us at brad@pinnacledg.com.