[AUDIO] Crew Foreman…Study Your Job Folder

At the very heart of better work, safer work, more profitable work, is to do our jobs right, the first time. A huge key to this happening is to have your PMs, and Estimators, pull together the Job Folders correctly, and have each Foreman committed to reading through their Job Folder. Don’t be bashful, but quick to highlight something that is difficult to understand or write a question that you want to ask your PM to ensure you have the right perspective of the project. But no matter when you are given the Job Folder, read and study it before every even leaving for the site if possible.


Working with New Employees, Part IV

You may hold more power than you think when it comes to raising our next generation of workers entering the construction industry. Give it all you can and you may just retain some of the biggest surprises to our future construction needs!

Here’s to being a great Foreman!

Working with New Employees, Part IV

Bringing the eight actions presented here to life can better prepare the new worker for their possible full-time status. Now that the new worker is a known entity, the Foreman should be confident on where to use the new worker, whom to team them with at times, and what they can count on from the new worker in terms of their attitude and performance.