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[AUDIO] Construction Equipment in 2018 w/ Jason Apel

Listen as Brad sits down with Jason Apel, Sales Manager for Mustang Cat in Houston, Texas. Jason lays out his knowledge of equipment related issues facing contractors and the trends moving forward into 2018. We know you’ll enjoy this episode!


How to Make In-House Marketing Research Part of Your Company’s Growth Strategy

Want to know how to make in-house marketing research part of your company’s growth strategy? Don’t be a “trivia-loving” contractor. This is like casting a bait-less hook and hoping to get lucky with a fish dumb enough to swim by and get their fin hooked. Instead, use the real bait of a contractor’s success; marketing research; and start today to begin hauling in more work, the type of work you want, and move your company to new heights of success, expansion, and profitability!