Training Workshops

Pinnacle Development Group has been engaged with conducting public and private “on-site” training workshops for more than twenty-five years. Topics? Just go back and review those listed on the Curriculum and Inner Company Writing page. And that’s just a sampling.

It is, however, the forum and format that can turn any training environment into the learning experience that you want it to be. Pinnacle Development Group creates workshops that are high on participation, role-play scenarios, open discussion, and motivated learning. When participants leave a PDG workshop they are mentally prepared and physically capable of putting their new learned practices into action.

Brad Humphrey Training Boot Camp Consulting

Brad teaching a boot camp!

Pinnacle Development Group believes that when training, the learning must be practical and hands-on. PDG is focused on putting effective how-to’s into the minds and hands of those in attendance. You don’t invest in training to merely have your people hear about some good principles; you invest in training so that your people immediately change their behavior, thus, impacting performance and success for all involved.

Training workshops presented by Pinnacle Development Group range in time from half-day (3 hours) to full day (6-7 hours) to two-days. All of the topics listed on the Curriculum and Inner Company Writing page can be developed for a half to full day.

Training Workshops and Boot Camps

Pinnacle Development Group has developed several two-day workshops over the years (including recent all day sessions at National Pavement Expo and World of Concrete) that can also be tailored to your firm’s needs. The two-day format falls under what PDG calls their “Boot Camp Series” and includes:

  • Construction Leadership Boot-Camp*
  • Leadership Boot-Camp+
  • Sales Boot-Camp
  • The Professional Leader Boot-Camp
  • Communication Boot-Camp
  • The Ultimate Planning & Decision Making Boot-Camp

*Construction Leadership Boot-Camp is specifically designed for construction leaders including Superintendents, Project Managers, Foremen, Owners, and Project/Division Leaders

We guarantee that your people have never experienced training like they will from a Pinnacle Development Group training experience. Time flies by for those attending as they are kept on their seats edge through challenging discussions, group interactions, real-work simulations, and of course, always in an environment that is encouraging, motivating, and humorous.

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